McMahan Fire District


In February of 1955, Daniel Boone, coordinator for the Jefferson County Volunteer firemen, addressed the Board of Trustees of the City of St. Regis Park regarding their concerns for fire protection, as their city was outside the 3 mile limits of the existing fire stations at Lyndon, St. Matthews and Jeffersontown. He proposed that financial assistance for a Fire Department would be solicited from the county and 5 small cities within the proposed protection area. He estimated the cost for this service to be $17 the first year per home owner and $5 thereafter. He proposed that these costs would more than be made up in savings of at least $38 per year on fire insurance for each home owner. He proposed that the Fire Department would be owned and manned by the Jeffersontown Volunteer Fire Department and that it would be up and running by July 1, 1955. Finally, he proposed a town meeting to be held at the Melbourne Heights School to determine if the residents of this community were truly interested in forming a Fire Department.

On March 22, 1955, a meeting was held at the Melbourne Heights School to consider a fire station for the 1000+ families in the eastern part of Jefferson County, Kentucky known as Hikes Point. It was estimated that $25,000 would need to be raised to start the Fire Department. Before the end of the meeting over $7000 was pledged and the Fire Department was born, the Hikes Point Volunteer Fire Department. The Fire Department was to be funded by donations and $25.00 subscriptions from property owners. Daniel Boone estimated that residents would save up to 65% on their insurance programs with the proposed new station.

Jefferson County Government was solicited in hopes of obtaining some free property on Taylorsville Road for the station. In May of 1955, Roy F. McMahan Sr., donated a lot near his proposed shopping center and the Hikes Lane Bowling Lanes on Hunsinger Lane, for the fire station. In return for the donation and due to the close proximity of the fire station to his proposed shopping center, the Fire Department was named McMahan Center Volunteer Fire Department.

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